Injectable moisturisers are unlike typical Dermal Fillers in that they aim to work on the condition of the skin.

Injectable moisturisers are a skin treatment with the emphasis on hydration rather than facial volume.  They improve skin laxity, smoothness and elasticity.  Injectable moisturisers contain hyaluronic acid, a synthetic form of the water binding molecule that plumps out the skin and tissue.  As we age we produce less of this naturally.

With traditional hyaluronic acid fillers they are crosslinked therefore they stay where they are placed.  With the new injectable moisturisers like Profhilo,  Redensity 1, and Volite the hyaluronic acid can move and spread evenly across the skin to hydrate the skin and give a dewy “Airbrushed look”. 

These are licensed for face, neck, hands, chest and arms. 

There are different products for different indications.  Dr McNally will do a full assessment and help select which product is best for you.

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