Injectable moisturisers are hyaluronic acids (often enhanced) that are absorbed by the skin to improve skin quality

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About Injectable moisturisers

Injectable moisturisers are a skin treatment with the emphasis on hydration rather than facial volume. They improve skin laxity, smoothness and elasticity. Injectable moisturisers contain hyaluronic acid, a synthetic form of the water binding molecule that plumps out the skin and tissue. As we age we produce less of this naturally.

With traditional hyaluronic acid fillers they are crosslinked therefore they stay where they are placed. With the new injectable moisturisers like Profhilo, Redensity 1, and Volite the hyaluronic acid can move and spread evenly across the skin to hydrate the skin and give a dewy “Airbrushed look”.

These are licensed for face, neck, hands, chest, arms, and abdomen.

There are different products for different indications. Dr McNally will do a full assessment and help select which product is best for you.


These products are often incorporated into treatment plans to keep the skin looking good.  Dermal fillers are excellent at what they do, but skin treatments are required to promote healthy skin and keep it looking good.  Injectable moisturisers are now as popular as Dermal filler.  They are very popular among clients who have either chosen not to use dermal filler or it is not indicated for them.  They are especially popular for clients who have weddings or other social events coming up.


Your Questions Answered

What aftercare is provided?

At Rejuvenate a free follow up appointment will be given if needed and you will be provided with full aftercare instructions. Dr McNally and Laura are very experienced and will be able to manage any complications. Injectable moisturisers are normally given in a course a few weeks apart.

When will I see the results of my treatment?

It depends which product is selected for you normally results are a full effect in 4 weeks.

How long should I wait until I return to normal activities?

There is minimal downtime with these treatments. Avoid make up or exercise for 24hours.

How long do the effects of treatment last?

Again this depends which product is selected. If the course is completed generally 6 months.

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