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Anti Wrinkle SPF Sunscreen

Sunscreen and your skin.

Dr Damien McNally - 8th Jul, 2016

Does sunscreen really reduce wrinkles?   Summer’s here again and while we may not be known for our long, hot summers, we’re just as likely as anyone else to suffer from the effects of the sun. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medic ...

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Botox Dermal Fillers Belfast

A closer look at Botox and Dermal Fillers

Rejuvenate - 31st May, 2016

How do they work?
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Botox Before And After - Belfast

Rejuvenate – and see the difference today!

Dr Damien McNally - 16th Feb, 2016

At Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Clinic, we specialise in professional, non-surgical procedures which are designed to enhance your features and help you loo ...

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Botox Northern Ireland

Rejuvenate yourself! The ultimate guide to looking 10 years younger

Dr Damien McNally - 17th Feb, 2016

Let’s face it; we can’t control our age. But we can control the age we look. By taking a few simple steps and making the right lifestyl ...

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Revitalise Your Senses And Refresh Your Mind With Rejuvenate

Dr Damien McNally - 17th Feb, 2016

Located in the 5 star Culloden Estate and Spa, Holywood, Co Down, the Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Clinic aims to provide professional treatments in a pr ...

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Botox Belfast

Here comes the bride!

Dr Damien McNally - 17th Feb, 2016

Rejuvenate were proud to be part of the fantastic Ulster Bride Show at Titanic, Belfast. Dr Damien McNally and his team joined hundreds of exhibito ...

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