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About Polynucleotides

Polynucleotides (marine derived) with high purification technology help promote skin rejuvenation.  They trigger the bodies natural collagen production which helps to improve the texture and tone of skin.  Polynucleotides also enhance the skins natural ability to retain moisture resulting in a more hydrated and youthful appearance.

Unlike Hyaluronic acid fillers they can be used around the delicate upper and lower eye lid area. Providing a tightening effect for patients with loose skin in this area. They can be used in combination with antiwrinkle injections for an enhanced effect for patients with static crows feet lines around the eye.

They can be used to improve the appearance of scar tissue and to improve the appearance of acne and Rosacea.  We are delighted to offer this treatment at our clinic because it improves the appearance of some dermatology problems and can treat lots of issues we are asked about.


Your Questions Answered

What aftercare is provided?

At rejuvenate we pride ourselves on our aftercare. Though unlikely if any complication or side effects arise we will be available to manage them. We are always happy to review patients post procedure.

How many treatments are required and when can I see results.

Results are optimum 4 weeks post procedure. Grades of improvement are dependent on how many treatments you have. 3-4 sessions are required/recommended.

When can I resume normal activities?

With any injectable treatments we recommend avoiding moderate exercise, sun and steam rooms for 24 hours. With any injectable treatment there is the risk of a bruise. Especially if the area we are treating is very vascular (lots of blood vessels) For this reason If you are booking in to have this treatment make sure any social events/meetings are a week after your procedure in case a bruise develops.

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